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2008 Data Center Industry Trends

A recent article from Network World points to security as the dominant issue for the data center design industry in 2008. Potential threats identified by experts include:

  • Malware attacks which piggy back on major events such as the ‘08 Olympics or the US Presidential Elections
  • The opportunity for the first serious security exploit in corporate VoIP networks
  • Additional malware vulnerability for users as participation in Web 2.0 continues to grow

Other important issues for 2008 as identified by Network World staff include:

  • The early adoption of 802.11n WLAN technology
  • A shift in IT’s approach to managing mission critical environments as virtualization and green computing are deployed more broadly
  • The growing acceptance of open source technology at the corporate level
  • Tightly controlled budgets as IT spending growth drops (particularly in response to news of economic recession)
  • Increased demand for “IT hybrids” – professionals with both business acumen and technical know-how – as the most sought-after hires

Source: Security dominates 2008 IT agenda