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Alleviate Your IT Headaches

The June 4 issue of PROCESSOR magazine (Volume 32, Issue 12) takes a look at how consumer devices and tools are causing problems for IT. From technological solutions to corporate policies, the series of articles offers advice on managing and securing social networks, personal wireless access points, USB devices and other employee-owned devices. Check it out:

Social Networking Nuisances – by Holly Dolezalek – Social networking sites pose both technical threats and behavioral threats, but blocking social networking isn’t always the answer because many employees use these resources for business reasons.

When Wireless Goes Rogue – by Christian Perry – Personal wireless access points not only put employees at risk during company time but also can compromise company data, particularly when there is a bridged connection to the company network.

Headaches From USB Devices – by Bruce Gain – USB devices can potentially serve as a conduit for malware to infect the enterprise’s network or as a source for data leaks beyond the firewall. While it may seem appropriate to prohibit their use completely, taking such an absolute approach is impractical.

Troubles With Employee-Owned Devices – by Elizabeth Millard – Smartphones, cell phones, notebooks, and other devices change so often that they can create major challenges for IT departments. Make security the top issue when dealing with devices and creating policies about usage.