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Cut Your Data Center Cooling Costs

Modern data centers face a number of cooling system challenges due to the requirements of today’s IT systems, combined with the way those IT systems are deployed. In the latest issue of PROCESSOR magazine, Elizabeth Millard examines strategies for keeping power and cooling operations streamlined during the summer months when outside temperatures rise.

The article includes my thoughts on the topic, as well as insights from John Busch, chairman and CTO at Schooner Information Technology; Michael Sigourney, senior product specialist at AVTECH; and Kris Domich, principal consultant at Dimension Data.

Key points include:

  • Look at upgrading processing and storage capability for greater efficiency.
  • Establish a strong preventive maintenance strategy before the summer months hit.
  • Keep accurate records to understand utilization and cost changes over different years.

PTS’ expertise is a valuable asset in this area as companies are often unable to predict if their data center cooling system will supply a future load, even when the characteristics of the load are known in advance. If your company is looking to establish a cooling system for your data center that will withstand system failures and load increases, contact PTS as the next step in your process.