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Prepare A Cyberdefense Plan Beyond Meltdown and Spectre Security Risks

Virtually all modern CPUs have a major security vulnerability.

Nearly all CPUs built over the past two decades have a design flaw, creating a vulnerability that could allow hackers access to the data that runs through the CPU itself. This data might include passwords, keys, and other critically sensitive data. The vulnerabilities, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, are currently being addressed via software patches, as many software vendors, including Microsoft, have rush-released these patches in an attempt to limit exploits.

Unfortunately, these patches are reportedly slowing down systems by as much as thirty percent. This is discouraging many enterprises from applying the patches altogether, which leaves the system open to attack.

A better solution: although applying patches and updating software may address the immediate threat, this is only part of a solid cyberdefense plan. A better approach would be to have a thorough defense plan in place, including, but not limited to: constant network monitoring/analysis, performing regular backups, and having a solid recovery approach. This plan enables you to immediately become aware of any security breaches, provides evidence to identify the security hole, and allows you to restore systems to a state prior to the infraction.

PTS can perform a free cybersecurity threat assessment to analyze your network and identify security holes. This is the first step in creating a comprehensive cyberdefense plan to protect your enterprise from attack, and/or recover from any existing attacks to keep your business running smoothly.