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Data Center Decisions Conference in Chicago

This Thursday, October 23rd, I’ll be a featured speaker at the 2008 Data Center Decisions Conference in Chicago, IL. This year’s conference will focus on four major topics: data center design, systems management, virtualization, and disaster recovery.

While the pace of data center and facility design improvements has continually lagged that of IT systems demand, in the last two years vendors have been rolling out various tools to help engineers design appropriate power and cooling infrastructure as well as help data center managers plan for IT capacity growth. My presentation delves into the capacity planning and modeling tools available for data center design and management.

In addition to providing an overview of the data center facility design life-cycle, I’ll discuss the tools available, review their functionalities, and advise on which data center products are worth using. This will cover new capacity planning tools from APC, Emerson/Aperture, and Rackwise as well as the role of CFD modeling software and services. I’ll also be available for questions during the daily exhibit hall receptions “Ask the Expert” segment.

For complete conference information and to register for free admission, visit the Data Center Decisions website at I hope to see you there!