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Data Center Maintenance Management Solution Version 2.0 Available Today

PTS Data Center Solutionsdata-center-maintenance-management-software-dcmms-full recently announced Version 2.0 of its Data Center Maintenance Management Software (DCMMS). DCMMS first launched in March 2010 and is a “glue” product used in data centers to support maintenance management, track spare parts, schedule preventive maintenance, track service histories, and generally make life easier for data center operations personnel.

The software works with any of the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) products available today which include discovery tools, real-time monitoring tools, BMS solutions, and IT monitoring and management solutions. DCMMS is used to maintain facility support infrastructure products in many data centers and from many

PTS uses DCMMS as a key component of its Data Center Managed
Maintenance Service
 offering. The service provides various support levels from software only to software and asset maintenance tracking to full 7×24 outsourcing of asset maintenance management.

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