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Energy Efficiency Remains Priority In Spite of Economic Troubles

In lean times, data centers are learning to do more with less. The Aperture Research Institute of Emerson Network Power just released the results of a study showing that, despite the global economic downturn, energy-efficiency is still a top-of-mind objective for many data centers. In fact, data center managers are concentrating on resolving efficiency issues as a way to balance increasing demand for IT services with stagnant budgets.

The report reveals that:

Data center managers will look at ways to squeeze more from their existing resources, with 80 percent of those surveyed saying they can create at least 10 percent additional capacity through better management of existing assets. Thirty percent of those surveyed said they could find an additional 20 percent. There is likely to be a revitalized focus on tools that provide insight into resource allocation and use.

Data centers will also look to green initiatives to help manage their operating expenses, with 87 percent of those surveyed having a green initiative in place and the majority expecting to continue or intensify these efforts.

The survey data also suggests that the downturn will have “little effect on the demand for IT services” – a positive indicator for economic recovery. I recommend downloading the full Research Note as a PDF at the Aperture Research Institute’s website. It’s an interesting read.