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Free White Paper on Relative Sensitivity Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection is a challenge in high-end, mission critical facilities with high-density cooling requirements.This is due primarily to the varying levels of effectiveness of competing detection systems in high-velocity airflow computer room environments.

In a new white paper, PTS Data Center Solutions’ engineers Suresh Soundararaj and David Admirand, P.E. identify and analyze the effectiveness of relative sensitivity-based fire detection systems in a computer room utilizing a high-density, high-velocity, and high-volume cooling system.

In addition to examining the differences between fixed sensitivity and relative sensitivity smoke detection methodologies, Soundararaj and Admirand detail the results of fire detection tests conducted in PTS’ operational computer room and demo center using AirSense Technology’s Stratos-Micra 25® aspirating smoke detector.

The illustrated 13-page white paper, entitled “Relative Sensitivity-based Fire Detection Systems used in High Density Computer Rooms with In-Row Air Conditioning Units,” is available for download on our website in PDF format.