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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Lives Up to the Hype

What’s all the hype about Hyperconvergence?  Gartner says Hyperconverged Integrated Systems will be mainstream in five years; is it time for you to get on board and streamline your IT?
PTS can explain the benefits of hyperconvergence to you in just 15 minutes.We will explain how to operate your IT for a considerably lower cost, in less time, and how to reduce your disaster recovery time from hours or days to just minutes?

Are you Interested in Hyperconvergence?

PTS’ Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution offers the following benefits:
  • Optimization – Reduce storage
  • Integrated Disaster Recovery
    • Backup – 1 minute to restore 1 TB
    • Failover / Recovery – RPO/RTO’s in minutes
  • Simplicity – Fully integrates VMware vCenter
  • Manageability – Single global interface
  • Flexibility – Suitable for any workload, at any location

PTS has prepared a short (15 minutes) personal presentation covering the clear benefits of converting to hyperconverged infrastructure.  You’ve heard all the hype, now start reaping the benefits.