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Modular & Containerized Data Center Solutions

modularModular and Containerized Solutions for Data Center expansion have received a great deal of press over the last year. Some manufacturers claim PUEs in the 1.2 range. However, be careful with these advertised claims because is the advertised PUE based on your climate, availability needs, initial IT load, designed IT load or maximum IT load?

PTS can help you plan a modular or containerized strategy that meets your short and long term IT and business requirements. PTS, as a vendor agnostic consultancy, has looked at the best solutions in the market and determined there are several worth considering for your data center requirements.

What would drive an organization to consider a modular solution? Reasons include:

  • Rapid IT Deployment Schedules
  • Facility Scalability
  • High Efficiencies
  • Reduced CAPEX Requirements
  • Repeatable Standards
  • Structural Security

After determining your strategic reasons to consider a modular or containerized data center approach, it is critical to look at the best-in-class solutions. PTS provides feasibility assessments and a great deal of experience with these modular approaches and can help guide you to the right solution for your requirements. After a great deal of research and validation of their claims, our recommendations include best-in-breed products.

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