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New White Paper on Power Usage

Managing data center power usage is critical due to rising energy costs and diminishing supplies. But where do you start?

To help answer this question, PTS Data Center Solutions in collaboration with Raritan, a leading manufacturer of power management products, developed a new white paper that examines the myths and realities of power usage in the data center.

Entitled “Power Moves: Understanding what you know – and don’t know – about power usage in your data center”, the white paper shows IT professionals how to calculate data center power efficiency and set standards to align with the Green Grid. Its findings are based on a series of tests which examined the effects of heat, airflow and power usage in a working server environment using 3-D CFD software and intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs), among other devices.

The hypothesis was that, by knowing more about their real-time operational environment, data center managers would be empowered to manage smarter. Key findings include:

  • Servers are not necessarily needed to add computational power;
  • OpEx expenses can be reduced without putting required computing at risk; and
  • Running servers at 80 to 100 percent can be more beneficial than running at the industry average of 60-80 percent.

To download the free white paper, please visit the PTS Media Library.