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PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase

PTS’ growth of solutions to design, build and manage the data center has never been stronger.This post showcases two industry-leading solutions that you may want to consider for your own data center.

Energy Monitoring Systems

Would device-level power consumption monitoring help you manage costs for effectively?

Working in conjunction with Packet Power, PTS is pleased to announce a cost effective per-device energy monitoring system which is easy to deploy and highly accurate. The system provides device level monitoring & trending without having to change out power supplies or PDU’s.

Features include:

  • All billing-quality power monitoring hardware is built into standard equipment power supply cables.
  • All standard cable connector con-figurations (C13/C14, C19/C20 etc.) as well as voltages and current loads are available. PP Monitoring Nodes
  • Data collection network automatically supports thousands of devices in a single facility, is configuration-free, entirely wireless, secure and operates independently of any Wi-Fi or other networking infrastructure.
  • All information gathered by our system and all advanced monitoring, billing and management functions are accessible via the web & e-mail.
  • All available without any additional hardware or software.
  • All information generated by the system can be integrated with your existing operations management and billing systems.

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Air Curtains – A Green Alternative

Reduce data center cooling costs by directing cold air where it is needed most – through the computer racks! Air Curtains and strip doors separate cold air and warm air aisles, maximizing the dynamics of air flow to cool your data center. A system can pay for itself in months!

  • Save energy on both air conditioning and fan systems – 15% and 67% respectively (according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • The Air Curtain product line includes transparent curtains, strip doors, panels and patented hardware; create a solution specific to your needs.
  • Specially formulated vinyls are low-outgassing and anti-static while meeting ASTM and NFPA fire retardancy requirements.
  • Hardware is also designed so curtains fall away in the case of fire, allowing fire sprinklers full operating range.

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And remember, PTS typically designs these solutions and performs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling prior to deployment to guarantee the results, savings & performance. To learn more, please contact us today.