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NJFX Meet-Me Room

PTS Partner NJFX Welcomes Subsea Trans-Atlantic Data Cable

The Meet-Me-Room at the NJFX data center in Wall Township, N.J. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The Jersey Shore is becoming a major destination for your photos, status updates and Internet searches. A new trans-Atlantic subsea cable will land in Wall Township, NJ, ferrying European Internet traffic from Google and Facebook to the New York metropolitan area.

The HAVFRUE cable, which was announced earlier this year, will land at the NJFX colocation campus in Wall, the company said today.

The HAVFRUE cable will connect New Jersey and Denmark, with branch connection to Ireland and Norway. The project is backed by a consortium that includes Google, Facebook subsea cable specialist Aqua Comms and Norwegian fiber provider Bulk Infrastructure.

Undersea telecommunications cables are now strategic assets in the growth of hyperscale Internet companies, with companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon emerging as key investors. As these cloud titans focus investment in cables and new routes, it has the potential to reshape how data flows across the ocean, onto the U.S. mainland, and into the cloud.

HAVFRUE is designed to deliver superior speed and lower latency design, capitalizing on advances in subsea cable construction since the original cable building boom during the dot-com era. NJFX CEO and Founder Gil Santaliz says that as existing transatlantic systems start reaching their 20-year life cycle, the HAVFRUE design will gain an economic advantage over its older rivals.

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