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The Storm Is Coming: Check Your Generators, UPSs, and DR Plan

flooded data center disaster recovery

This year, don’t leave your customers out in the rain. With the recent history of Metro New York hurricanes and storms, PTS Data Center Solutions engineers recommend you consider testing and verifying your generator, UPS, and Disaster Recovery solutions and systems. Make sure everything is in good working order well before any announcements of pending storms, power outages, or downed network services.

PTS provides Data Center Maintenance Management services for generator and UPS servicing as well as Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment services. If you need help in procuring and commissioning the right solution for your IT environment, we can also help you validate your requirements for an emergency generator and make the right choice.
generatorIn addition, PTS recommends you perform a recover from backup or test your DR infrastructure whether it is at a DR co-location facility or offsite in another of your facilities. If you don’t have offsite backup and DR functionality today, give us a call and we can discuss relatively inexpensive High Availability and DR appliances that might fit your budget and help you avoid soaking your customers.

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