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Tips for Handling Data Center Moves and Shortages of Space

Look for PTS Data Center Solutions in the July 11th issue of Processor magazine (Vol.30, Issue 28).

Kurt Marko interviewed me for the feature article, “Need More Data Center Space?: IT Managers Are Faced With Options Ranging From Simple Housekeeping To Major Construction”. Adding data center space can be a complex and costly issue. If your data center runs out of room, the basic options are 1) reorganize and consolidate to get the most out of your existing space, 2) upgrade your technology to increase density, 3) call in a contractor to renovate and expand your current facility, 4) add on a data center in a box, or 5) build a bigger-better data center. Marko’s article discusses your options and gives a rundown of the pros/cons of each.

Michael Petrino, vice president at PTS Data Center Solutions, also appears in this issue of Processor. In Bruce Gain’s article, “Data Center Moving Day: There Is No Such Thing As ‘Over Planning’”, Michael shares his thoughts on how to prepare for a data center relocation project. Topics covered include the overall planning process, what to look for when hiring professional movers, the costs of up-time and down-time, transport options, and other complications.

Click on the links above to read the articles, or view the entire issue as a PDF.