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What are YOU doing about VM Sprawl?

There is no question that virtualization has revolutionized how we set up our business networks. Greater security, improved IT support, smoother migrations, and huge cost savings are just a few of the many benefits of virtualization. However, quickly set up virtual machines (VMs) are often unplanned, and are created without regard to the resources they consume. Eventually, you end up with many VMs on your network, but without the appropriate IT management or control in place. This is called VM sprawl.

VM sprawl has become a very real concern in data centers. On top of VM sprawl, add to the mix: snapshot sprawl, zombie VMs, orphaned files, etc, and your virtual infrastructure’s overall efficiency is greatly reduced. Left unchecked, the stability of the virtual environment is in serious jeopardy, and is well on the way toward crashing or at least experiencing severe performance hits.

PTS offers a free virtual infrastructure assessment to identify problem areas, reclaim your wasted resources, and optimize your virtual environment. In just minutes, we can identify issues, then help you right-size (cpu, memory, storage) your virtual environment, provide better management, and save money in the process.

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