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What metrics are you using to measure your IT & Data Center Efficiency?

We find that most only use PUE and many don’t correctly calculate their PUE that may be OK as PUE is only meant to be a benchmark to improve your own efficiency. However, I don’t think the right metrics are out there to help clients understand their entire efficiency story Secondly, if the metrics are too complicated they won’t be used widely & gain acceptance from users, consultants and vendors.

A metric like CADE seem to be better suited to determining your real overall efficiency without a positive efficiency improvement on the IT side lowering my overall data center efficiency as it can with PUE. However, I believe a metric like CADE doesn’t get widely used because users have enough trouble obtaining enough monitoring points to calculate PUE, now look at what they need to correctly calculate CADE. CADE was introduced 3 years ago yet you hardly ever hear anyone speak of CADE or working to improve their CADE as you do with PUE. Perhaps it’s because CADE involves IT & facilities metrics and as we all know it’s challenging getting IT & facilities on the same page.

I don’t think we’re done with new metrics either as the Global Task Force on this just met again this spring. Is anyone using any of the new metrics such as DCcE, ScE, or DCeP? If so what has been your experience with their effectiveness? I’m doing a presentation on, “Understanding Data Center & IT Energy Usage – Developing an Optimization Plan for the Fastest Growing Component of Your Energy Bill”, that includes this subject at the Con Edison Energy Efficiency Summit next week so your input would be appreciated. If you’re interested in the summit, see the attached link.