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Why You Should Use a Design/Build Firm for Your Next Data Center Project

A design/build firm is one that manages an entire project as a one-stop shop by handling both the design and construction phases. This approach can save time and money, all while avoiding costly errors that can be caused from things like miscommunication over construction documents. More than one third of non-residential construction is completed using design/build approach.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Use a Design/Build Firm to design, build, and maintain your Next Data Center Project: 

  1. Communication: One Point of Contact for the Life of Your Data Center
    An experienced Data Center Expert will listen to understand your vision for your data center project. Then, they will provide recommendations and create a design, apply for the town permits, manage the trades, coordinate the equipment purchases, deliveries and start-ups. The firm will also commission the complete system, then develop and manage a comprehensive maintenance plan for the life of your data center. All of these managed services with just one phone call.
  2. Expertise: A Data Center Design/Build Firm Does Just One Thing, and Does it Very Well
    Similar to the medical industry, when you specialize in something, you become very proficient at it over time. When an engineering company concentrates on every aspect of a single specialty, to design, build, and maintain a data center, it becomes an incredible resource to the data center industry as a whole. Take advantage of this experience and expertise.
  3. Experience: Access to Vetted Manufactures and Contractors
    A Design/Build firm that specializes in data centers knows the most reliable equipment, the OEMs offering the best value, and the best contractors in the business. This is because they have worked with them every day, over many years, and have solidified a mutually beneficial relationship. Only the best have risen to the top (and have stayed there), and have earned their respect and business over the course of these many projects.
  4. Innovation: Get the Inside Scoop on the Latest Technologies
    When a Design/Build Firm’s sole focus is on finding the most productive, reliable, and cost-effective approach to build and maintain a data center, they know the latest innovations, as well as the latest flops. They have done their due diligence toward recommending the most suitable design for current business requirements, with the capability of accommodating future growth.
  5. Continuity: Get One Bill and One Dedicated Rep to Coordinate all Aspects of Your Data Center Project
    Coordinating up to 30 different vendors, contractors and equipment providers while working with your enterprise is a full time job. By utilizing a Data Center Design/Build Firm, you save both time and money. This will result in freeing up resources to better enable you to concentrate on your job.
  6. Cost Savings: Achieve Cost Savings by Bundling all Services, Equipment and Labor
    Typically, if you group your purchases, you can negotiate a better price. Similarly, a Design/Build Firm is focused on offering a better price for bundled equipment, services, and labor, since they can handle all aspects of the project.  The alternative of hiring separate service providers for each area of their expertise, will most likely result in higher overall costs, and increases the likelihood of miscommunication, missed deadlines due to coordination shortcomings, among other things. Having an experienced Data Center Project Manager to coordinate the efforts of multiple groups is key.
  7. Positioned for a Long Term Relationship
    Successful Design/Build Firms have become established over hundreds of projects and thousands of man-hours in an effort to have the competitive edge they now enjoy. They are not going away any time soon, so you can expect a working relationship to last some time.
  8. Accountability: No More Finger Pointing
    When a single firm handles all aspects of a project, most of the communication takes place among employees of that same firm, each working in a unified manner toward a common goal. The firm takes responsibility for the project’s success, and holds its employees accountable every step of the way.
  9. data center constructionCollaboration: The Design/Build Team Works Together as a Unit.
    Using many different contractors on the same project is much more likely to create issues from scheduling to miscommunication to finger-pointing.  When a single team is dedicated to the project, these obstacles are greatly minimized, or even eliminated entirely.
  10. Time Savings: Time is Saved Due to Concurrent Activities
    A Design/Build Firm can manage several tasks concurrently and far more efficiently than several disjoint teams. It is not uncommon for the firm to build while designing, or design while procuring. In this way, the project can be delivered more quickly and smoothly, while still maintaining a high level of quality.

PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc. has been in business since 1998, and has completed several hundred data center projects, including all aspects of data center designing, building, and maintaining. Contact PTS for all your data center projects.