Security Solutions

Security risks are evolving. Maintaining strong business performance requires companies to stay ahead of threats. Small to medium size businesses are common targets for cybercriminals – but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim.

Protecting your technology infrastructure shouldn’t be seen as a luxury. Progressive IT provides cutting-edge security as a baseline component in every IT plan.

What is the Value of IT Security?

Cyberattacks happen in an instant – and can take months (or years) to recover from. Many growing businesses are working on a shoestring budget without proper security tactics, putting them at extremely high risk.

Protecting your business goes beyond anti-malware and virus software. IT security is a combination of defensive technology and fundamental practices embedded in a company culture. A seasoned MSP implements organization-wide measures to monitor risk factors, train employees on best practices, and patch vulnerabilities before problems arise.

Cyber threats aren’t going anywhere. Growing businesses deserve peace of mind knowing the company is protected around the clock.

PTS IT Security Solutions

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our advanced SOC monitoring system works 24/7/365 to aggregate logs from workstations, servers, the cloud, firewalls, and antivirus software to deliver a near-bulletproof level of protection.

Leading-Edge Anti-Virus, Phishing, and Spam

The traditional security software isn’t always enough to keep businesses protected. We merge the industry’s best programs using predictive analytics to determine where your vulnerabilities lie – and how to safeguard the organization.

Endpoint Protection

PTS’s endpoint protection system uses machine learning to pinpoint suspicious behaviors and anomalies in the technology environment – then immediately investigates before damage is done.


Regular upgrades and patches are the keys to a secure IT infrastructure. We perform routine updates to keep your systems aligned with the tech industry’s latest innovations.

Employee Training

IT security is a team effort. PTS works with businesses to educate and implement best security practices throughout the organization.

The Cornerstones of Progressive IT Security

24/7 Monitoring

Cybercriminals aren’t confined to a 9-5 schedule – and neither is Progressive IT security. Our technicians keep a constant eye on your IT infrastructure to eliminate blind spots and make improvements proactively.

Early Intervention

No IT infrastructure is completely safe from security threats. Early intervention is critical to minimize the fallout and avoid downtime.

No Compromises

Shortcuts and quick fixes have no place in Progressive IT security. Our clients get access to the top protective systems on the market, no matter what their budget is.

Engrain Security in the Company Culture

Progressive IT security cannot succeed unless everyone is onboard. Specialists from PTS IT Services work closely with employees to firmly implant smart policies within everyday workflows.

Let’s Make Security the Priority in Your Company

How can we help put your security fears to rest?